Modern door panels use a variety of technological solutions to improve security, energy efficiency, user comfort and aesthetics.


Energy efficiency and functionality

Thermal insulation

Discover the unparalleled thermal insulation properties of our door panels, in which the PUR foam used is a key element. With it, we achieve the best thermal performance, providing excellent thermal insulation.

Many woodwork manufacturers face the problem of bending of aluminum exterior doors. Our panels, enriched with PUR foam, provide superior rigidity and strength, which is crucial, especially in changing weather conditions.

Our panels guarantee:

  • Very high thermal performance
  • Better door tightness
  • Lesser risk of bending of the door leaf
  • High rigidity and strength


Discover the extraordinary variety of materials we use to manufacture our innovative door panels, revolutionizing both technology and design, as well as providing unparalleled durability and ease of cleaning of our products.

We use materials that come straight from nature, such as stone veneer and quartz sinter. These authentic raw materials not only give our doors a unique character, but also bring natural beauty and harmony to the interior. Aluminum infills are the essence of modernity, where the main raw material is lightweight and durable aluminum. It makes our models impressive with their minimalist design and reliable solidity, perfectly fitting into modern interior designs.

In addition, we can incorporate unique additional materials such as glass, black lacquered glass, brushed stainless steel or striking 3D patterns in each door model, allowing you to create a personalized and unique look.

With our innovative door panels, you will enhance your offer with unique designs that go hand in hand with functionality and durable materials.

Double expansion joint

Thanks to the use of double expansion joints, our panels are characterized not only by increased resistance to changing weather conditions, but also to temperature and humidity fluctuations. This innovative technology provides our customers with not only long-lasting durability, but also excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, creating an interior space free from noise and temperature changes.

Choose technology with double expansion joints and your customers will enjoy peace of mind and comfort in their home, regardless of external conditions. Give your customers the assurance of robustness and protection that our advanced technology offers.

Integro Smart - a novelty on the aluminum joinery market

Learn about the most advanced and intelligent solution used in recessed panel handles.

Integro Smart is a true innovation in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. The interior of the handle has been fully integrated into the door panel, without any protruding elements, while the exterior has been finished with an aesthetic and technologically advanced flap, perfectly flush with the surface of the panel. It is electronically controlled by a motor, allowing it to open and close automatically. This innovative system can be installed in dedicated panel models and in connection with access control.

Electronics in the handle


The possibility of using LED lighting in the form of a tape or in the tube of the handle, which not only adds aesthetics to the door, but also provides an additional source of light in the room. With different colors of LEDs, we can adjust the lighting to our preferences and mood.

Available backlight colors in handles:

  • cold white (standard) | light color measure 6200K
  • warm white | measure of light color 3000K

Access controls

Using electronic touch sensors and microswitches, we can provide precise control over various door functions, such as opening, closing and lighting control. This makes using the door more intuitive and easier, taking user comfort to a new level.

In addition, we offer the possibility of using fingerprint readers in selected handles. This provides not only convenience, but also additional security against unauthorized access, increasing the level of security.

Discover the innovative electronic solutions we can incorporate into our door panels for even greater comfort and security.